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Welcome to Savoy Fitness, your go-to destination for Sports Performance Training in Clarksville, Jeffersonville, and the surrounding Indiana areas! Is your young athlete passionate about sports and eager to compete at their best? Look no further! Our group strength and conditioning program at Savoy Fitness is designed to foster high-performing athletes in a supportive and ego-free environment.

Youth Sports Performance in Jeffersonville

Why Savoy Fitness for Sports Performance Training?

At Savoy Fitness, we're dedicated to building better athletes while ensuring a fun and engaging experience. Our Sports Performance Training in Jeffersonville is your ticket to unlocking your full athletic potential with professional instruction and targeted training.

Say goodbye to couch potatoes and excessive screen time – in sports, SPEED is the ultimate asset!

Youth Sports Performance in Jeffersonville

What Sets Our Sports Performance Training Apart?

Our comprehensive Sports Performance Training covers everything from fundamental movements to specialized athletic performance. Your child will develop proper exercise form, body mechanics, and safe muscle-building techniques. Our focus extends to core stability, reaction time, speed, and power – essential elements for athletic success.

Youth Training for a Thriving Community

At Savoy Fitness, we believe in giving back to our community by empowering local youth athletes. Our youth training program provides every child the chance to pursue athletics seriously, instilling the values of hard work and fostering connections with new friends and mentors.

Youth Sports Performance in Clarksville

What's Included in Our Sports Performance Training Program?

We offer Sports Performance Training packages tailored for different age groups:

Challengers (Ages 7-12): Our small group programs focus on laying the foundation for success in any sport. Emphasizing speed, agility, and coordination, we help younger athletes build a strong base for future achievements.

Excelleration (Ages 13-18): Geared towards older athletes, our small group programs target speed, agility, and strength techniques. We maximize improvements in linear acceleration, lateral speed, plyometrics, and functional strength.

Youth Sports Performance in Clarksville
Speed and Agility training in Clarksville

Take Your Game to the Next Level

Our Sports Performance Training programs cater to individualized training based on personal goals and sport-specific demands. Elevate your game or enhance your team's performance with our elite athlete training programs. We integrate training, nutrition, and physical therapy for optimal results in the preseason, in-season, and off-season.

Speed and Agility training in Clarksville

What Does Our Sports Performance Services Include?

  • Training assessments

  • Speed and agility sessions

  • Movement and Corrective Exercises

  • Sports Nutrition seminars

  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins

Our athlete-centric methodology ensures that every athlete

receives a personalized plan based on thorough assessments.

Discover More About Our Sports Performance Training in Jeffersonville!

At Savoy Fitness, we're committed to giving athletes the competitive edge. Join our Sports Performance Training program in Jeffersonville and excel in any sport in no time. Let's reach new heights together!

Youth fitness in Jeffersonville


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Youth fitness in Jeffersonville
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